[JdeRobot] Help regarding Genetic Algorithms on Gazebo

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[JdeRobot] Help regarding Genetic Algorithms on Gazebo

Sakshay Mahna

I am Sakshay. I am currently working on the project:Robotics Academy under Google Summer of Code. My project is on developing an exercise for students on the topic Evolutionary Robotics. The exercise is supposed to offer a Gazebo simulation of the robot, and we have to train the parameters of it's Neural Network by means of a Genetic Algorithm for obstacle avoidance. However, the problem is with the repeatability of the simulations. Every time we run the simulation, the robot takes a slightly different course of action, which should not be the case. The robot should behave the same way every time we run it.

It would be really great if I could get a little guidance on how to implement this.

Thanks & Regards
Sakshay Mahna

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