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Sakshay Mahna
Hello Naman,
For the first point, Yes, try running the command `sudo apt install jderobot-gazebo-assets`. This should download the required script.
For the second point, since you installed ROS Melodic. Hence, the installed files should be present in /opt/ros/melodic. Hence you need to source melodic/setup.bash, instead of kinetic/setup.bash

Thanks and Regards
Sakshay Mahna

On Mon, Mar 9, 2020 at 10:58 PM Naman Jain <[hidden email]> wrote:
I am a final year undergrad studying CSE at IIT Bombay. I was planning to apply to the JDE-Robotics GSoC program and was stuck with some installation issues. I thought of contacting you since I saw you have been contributing to the project for some time.

I had also created this issue today, but I thought of personally asking you about it too.

1) in follow_line exercise it asks to `source /opt/jderobot/share/jderobot/gazebo/`. But my `ls /opt/jderobot/share/jderobot/gazebo` does not contain any such script. I think one also needs to install jderobot-gazebo-assets for it. Am I right?
2) I am not able to run `roslaunch`. Can you tell me where is the binary installed (possibly using which roslaunch)? I followed all the instructions properly as you can see in this colab notebook. I believe some of my PATH or LD_LIBRARY_PATH are incorrect.

It would be a great help if you could answer these queries.
Thanks a lot,

Sakshay Mahna
CSE Undergrad
Indian Institute of Technology Ropar

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